Short Sale Credit – What does a short sale do for my credit?

22 February, 2009

Doing a short sale may be more credit-friendly than a foreclosure, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from the damage. Short sale credit effects cannot be avoided—but luckily, they can be controlled much more easily than a foreclosure. What a short sale does to your credit depends on several factors, such as the amount you owe and how far behind you were when the short sale closed. Here’s a quick look at how short sale credit effects happen and what you can expect after closing day.

Effects of Delinquency
Most borrowers have missed at least two months’ worth of mortgage payments before initiating the short sale. In fact, this is a requirement for most banks, as well as the HAFA short sale program. This accounts for a significant part of the short sale credit impact. By the time a short sale application is submitted, there may already have been some short sale credit damage. One thing you can do is try to negotiate a short sale while you’re still current—with sufficient proof of hardship, your bank may approve your request anyway.

Deficiency Amount

The difference between your home’s selling price and your mortgage balance, known as the deficiency, is probably the biggest factor in short sale credit effects. Lenders will try to earn as much as possible from the sale to make up for their losses or at least minimize it. For your part, try to sell it for as much as possible, or even invest in a few upgrades to boost your home’s value. The less the lender has to forgive from your balance, the lower the short sale credit impact will be.

Reporting Differences

There aren’t many rules on how a short sale should be reported, so lenders tend to word them differently from each other. What appears on your credit report can either be a “pre-foreclosure in redemption,” “paid as agreed,” or even a straight foreclosure. This depends both on your mortgage situation and your lender’s policies. If you have a capable agent, he or she may be able to discuss reporting with your lender and have it worded so that the short sale credit damage won’t be as high.

Fixing the Damage

Once the short sale has closed, you can start working on getting your credit score back up. Start by saving up as much as you can, so you’ll have liquid funds for emergencies instead of taking out more credit. Limit your credit cards to just one, and use it only when you need to. If you’ll be renting a home afterwards, find a landlord who regularly reports to the credit bureaus, so you can build a good rental history and improve your credit score faster.

The author of this article is a reputed and well known real estate short sale agent, active in this business since last decade.   The skills possessed by him have helped the number of people to avoid foreclosure. For further more information regarding author and short sale & credit, how short sale can help you to get your best possible deal visit:

Article from – Avoid a foreclosure on your credit report, short sale your home and save your credit Part 8 – Ok, so that is good to know, I know there are people who want to try and do that and I really dont know. I am really a full time mortgage professional, I didnt get into the loan modification business on purpose, we write mortgage loans, real estate loans for residential and commercial, so therefore I dont know your laws on the same token you dont do loan modifications and you dont write loans, youre professional realtor. Exactly, and one more thing, bottom line is you cant be defrauding the bank. Because then youre stepping into mortgage fraud, as you know. You do have to have a hardship, you honestly do have to show, if youre going to be benefiting from staying in the home, you have to show a hardship that you cant afford the current payment. If youre making a couple hundred thousand a year and have a ½ million in the bank and owe 0000 the bank isnt on your side in that case. There are a lot of situations though when a homeowner wants to stay in their home, if that is the case, then we market it to investors, because there is a lot of the people who are buying these homes so we work with the investor and we work out the lease amount and the homeowners can stay in their homes in those situations. Whatever it looks like at the end of the day, the homeowner needs to picture where they are going to be in the short term midterm and long term and

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Real Estate Tax Foreclosures – Tax Solutions Group Offers The Best Way To Save Real Estate Tax

18 February, 2009

It is an undeniable fact that there are several ways available around us that are enough to make us king or even beggar any time depending upon the situations. There are some options that can make wonders for one person, on the other hand can prove really fatal for the other. One such option that offers the immense opportunity to make good money is by buying liens.

 It is important to note that a person can become very rich by buying liens, but the homeowner on whom the tax liens is imposed by the county gets into serious troubles. To know fully the concept of tax liens, it is important to first understand what exactly it is.

Actually every homeowner is required to pay the real estate tax on the property he owns. However because of financial constraints or because of any other reason if they fail to pay the real estate tax, the county puts a tax lien on their property.  With this the county gets a sort of guarantee that they are going to get back their money. But as they are more interested in getting back their money in no time because of the simple reason that they generally operate with a very tight budget, so they prefer to offer other people buy tax liens. It is here the real problem of home owner starts that may sometimes lead to foreclosure of their house.

So if you are also suffering from such problem and if you want to reduce your real estate tax then there are several companies available that can offer you their services. However if you want to go for taking services from one such company that can ensure as high as 91% success rate with Offers in Compromise then Tax Solutions Group is the name you must opt for.

Tax Solutions Group is a company established in the year 1994 that has a group of CPA’s and Enrolled Agents who are simply specialists in solving all issues related to tax liability. It is one such company that is considered as the best company of its kind in Southern California and is even licensed by the State. It is because of the extraordinary services that it offers as well as the proven results that it is termed as the number one company in Southern California.

The best part of Tax Solutions Group is that it believes in offering that solution which is permanent. It is for this reason, for having a permanent solution on various tax related issues Tax Solutions Group is considered as an inevitable option. If you want to know more about this company and why it is considered as better than all other companies then it is advisable to have a look on some of its most important features. Some of the most important features of Tax Solutions Group are as under:

1. Best services: the first and the most important feature of Tax Solutions Group is that it is one such company that offers the best services. The word better is not available in the dictionary of the experts of TSG and that is well proven in thousands of cases that its experts have solved successfully. 2. Reliability: The second most important feature of Tax Solutions Group is that it is one such company that is best in terms of reliability. Unlike other companies where the troubles of the clients are increased by them to earn more money, such thing is next to impossible at Tax Solutions Group.

For lowering your real estate tax burden and for getting relief from liens , opt for Tax Solutions Group.

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Vancouver Estate – Condos, the next big thing in Real Estate

14 February, 2009

Technically, condos are a collection of individual home units along with the land on which they sit. The boundaries of a condo are defined in many countries confined to the airspace of the real estate purchased by the individual owner A condo is considered to be of very high value and owning one is considered to be a status symbol by many. It is equipped with amenities such as a centralized heating system, an air conditioning system, elevators and hallways are executed under legal lights associated with the individual ownership and controlled by the association of owners. Condos are considered to be a prestigious part of Real Estate.

Those who purchase units in a condominium technically own everything from their walls inward. All the individual homeowners have shared rights to most common areas such as swimming pool, club house and the recreation areas. Condos are basically sold by real estate agents to wealthy businessmen. Condos are very popular among the elite class of people be it in developed nations such as the UK and USA or in developing economies such as India and Pakistan.

Property management is very essential for the upkeep of a condo. There are many firms and companies specializing in maintaining of a condo. Sometimes many people may just opt for rentals for a temporary period of time, mostly when they go on a vacation. In some countries, Condos are even being offered on yearly lease agreements by respective Real Estate developers.

There is no real way to define a Condo. A condo can be flat, located in an apartment building or it can be a big bungalow or a penthouse situated in a prime locality. Condos are now very popular in big metropolitan cities across the globe such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago and Vancouver.

A condo is known by different names across the world. For example, in some states of Canada such as Quebec it is called as a syndicate of co-ownership; in British Columbia it is called by its regular name Condo. In Australia it is known as a ‘strata tile’. Since 2004 in England and Wales a condo is referred to as a ‘common hold’. The main attraction of this type of Real estate is the fact that one has the ability to obtain affordable housing in a highly desirable area that is generally beyond the budget of the average homeowner.

Whether you are buyers or sellers, all your home buying and selling needs can be met if you approach an established and trustworthy real estate firm. So do a little research and some asking around before you choose whom to approach for your dream condo. Online medium can also be resorted to as these days internet is an excellent resource for your home buying or even to find a good buyer if you wish to sell your real estate.

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Used Boats For Sale – Some Facts To Remember About Used Boats For Sale

10 February, 2009

Selling a used boat can be a formidable task for many. But if executed well with proper knowledge, it can turn into a child’s play. There are certain things that need to be considered before putting your used boats for sale. It would have been a different picture if you were placing a new boat for sale, but as far as selling used boats are concerned, things are rather different.
Hence, in order to make it through the sale, following things must be kept in mind:

Examine your Used Boat
It becomes quite important to know your boat properly before selling it to someone. In order to get started, make a list that comprises all the important specifications of your boat, including the year, model, power, engine capacity, equipment among others basic things.
Apart from preparing a list of everything that is related to your boat, you need to be really skilful in convincing the potential buyers. For that you need to be knowledgeable about everything that concerns your boat. And if you are able to answer the questions asked by potential buyers satisfactorily, you will surely be able to make the deal.

Set the Price

A right pricing always plays a substantial role in the sale of your boat. It is imperative to perform an effective inquiry before setting the price. The opportunity of realising the sale in a specific time period becomes difficult if the price is set too high. You can otherwise take the help of professional boat makers who can appraise the boat for you so that you can avoid loss in selling.

Proper Advertising

A boat gets sold the way you present it. Hence, one must support every source advertising such as sorted ads, boat show listings, marine blue books, boat suppliers, boat brokers or internet. Placing the advertisement of your boat in various forms like newspapers, magazines or internet can also be a great way to increase its chances of selling. And if this does not work, you can place attractive offers such as additional marine accessories with your boat. This is a brilliant way to attract buyers towards your proposal.

So, keeping the aforementioned things in mind will definitely help you in selling your boat profitably.

For more insights and further information about Test Equipmentvisit our site

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Rental Properties Calgary Alberta – Popular Cities for Real Estate Purchase in Alberta

08 February, 2009

The real estate market is booming all over Alberta. With its economy becoming the leader of the Canadian economy and new businesses coming up in Alberta new job opportunities are emerging too in the province. This has been drawing in thousands of people every month to the province. Such people are seeking accommodation especially in the main cities of Alberta like Edmonton and Calgary.

Alberta’s capital Edmonton- a hot real estate market

The real estate market in Edmonton is real hot with the average price of a home in Edmonton being up by 39 percent over the past one year. Homes are now being sold with multiple offers and over the list price. The primary reason for this hot market is the growing number of jobs. With the oil industry in Alberta being on the verge of expansion job prospects are growing further.

Presently, the rate of employment stands the highest in thirty years. Availability of more jobs has meant more people moving into Edmonton for accommodation as this city offers a comparatively cheap property price (compared to Calgary). Besides, there have been very low vacancy rates prevailing too. The low rental vacancy rates and relatively low prices had been drawing in investors in real estate in the city. However, the enormous demand has of late been causing hike in prices.

A booming real estate market in Alberta’s oil capital Calgary

After overcoming its slow period in the late 1990s the Calgary real estate market has, ever since, been displaying the characteristic features of a hot market. The surging economy of Alberta that had attracted workers from all over Canada for engagement in oil and high tech sectors had been instrumental in increasing the demand for real estate in Calgary.

Alberta has the largest recoverable reserves of crude oil other than the Middle East while Calgary is considered to be the oil capital of the province of Alberta. Thus, there has been the need for almost all oil exploration and development companies to set up a presence in this city. No wonder why real estate for accommodating the offices and personnel of the oil concerns has been in great demand for pretty long in Calgary.

In recent times, with increasing difficulty in oil procurement from parts of the Middle East, the importance of Alberta’s oil reserves has further increased. This coupled with the rise in oil prices owing to a number of reasons has brought about an unprecedented economic boom for Calgary as an oil center. This has been accompanied with great employment opportunities evolving and has contributed to the hike in prices of real estate owing to unprecedented demand.

Jason Uvios writes about on Popular Cities for Real Estate Purchase in Alberta to visit :- canada alberta affordable housing program, manufactured homes alberta and alberta seniors supportive housing

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Power Of Sale Houses Toronto – Consult A Realtor Before Pricing Your Home For Sale

06 February, 2009

The usual fallacy which triggers many properties to linger on the market is that belief that if it doesn’t sell for a high price immediately, you can appeal to buyers later by dropping the price. The issue with this strategy is that your house may never be shown to some buyers because they may have already signed on a more reasonably priced house. This tactic can also lead to desperate measures at a later date if the homeowner begins to panic because of timing or monetary constraints.

Even in a hot real estate market, you should stay away from the temptation of over-pricing a home, because the housing market may experience a sudden downturn. Normally, the property receives the most attention the first few weeks that it is on the market, however if it is still on the market after 3 to 6 months, it becomes an old listing that generates reduced interest. Even in sectors with rising available homes and stable values, just drumming up showings for an over-priced property can still be difficult.

To establish the correct price for your house, consult with professional real estate agents and check newspaper ads to create a realistic average price for homes in your neighborhood. Although you can read lots of regional property reports from the web regarding Brampton property only a full-time realtor will understand neighborhood specifics. Another useful strategy is the “average days on the market” that can be established by studying at what price properties begin to lose momentum and end up at the end of the listings. Also be cautious with Realtors who estimate a high list price as they may be taking a gamble that they can make a big commission by rapidly selling your house.

One sure sign that your home is over-priced for the current market is lack of booked viewings the first month. Local brokers are hesitant to waste their time bringing clients to see a home they are unable afford. It is best to lower the price rapidly instead of holding out for for a possible “lucky break” since potentially lucrative offers may slip through your hands. This is particularly true with downtown Toronto condos since competition is often stiff and you might be competing with the builder.

Another element that should be reviewed is low-priced homes availability on the market from power of sales and unpaid property taxes that offer stiff competition to other available homes. You should remember that a lot of of the power of sales and short sales are created because of owners over-pricing their property, delaying a prompt sale and resulting in them losing the property. Also, the popularity of “fixer-uppers” and neglected properties can drag down the average price in a neighborhood, so an overpriced property offers little appeal to bargain shoppers. In areas like Barrie real estate you should think that buyers may be looking for more affordable homes so overpricing a home could be big mistake.

Actually, numerous real estate professionals know that a bidding war is much easier to start of low-priced a home than one with an inflated price tag. They notice clients are often shy about trying to bargain a price down, however happy to battle with other buyers for lower priced properties by presenting more than the list price. Customers like to feel as though they are receiving a bargain, and real estate agents understand that homes that come on the market with low-price points generate more action than homes that have to reduce their price as a consequence of being on the market a number of months.

Stefan Hyross writes regarding the real estate market and you may find your Brampton property and downtown Toronto condos on one of these websites. You can as well get info on real estate in Barrie and search for homes.

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Realty Executives – GE Real Estate Completes $4.8B Acquisition Of Arden Realty

04 February, 2009

STAMFORD, Conn. and LOS ANGELES — Building on its growth ambitions in the Western region of the U.S., GE Real Estate (NYSE:GE) announced the completion of its acquisition of Arden Realty, Inc. (NYSE:ARI) , the largest publicly-traded office landlord in Southern California. The purchase price of approximately .8 billion includes the assumption and refinancing of .6 billion of Arden’s outstanding debt. In connection with this transaction, Trizec Properties, Inc. (NYSE:TRZ) acquired 13 Arden properties for approximately .6 billion. The remainder of the Arden portfolio will stay intact and continue to operate as Arden Realty.

The GE and Arden leadership will leverage Arden’s premier presence and strong relationships in the region to quickly implement a strategic asset plan to expand further into its core markets. GE will also use the Arden platform to grow significantly in other California markets, Washington and Arizona.

One member of GE and four members of the Arden leadership teams have been appointed to oversee Arden:

— Joaquin de Monet, Managing Director at GE Real Estate, has been named President and CEO of Arden Realty.

— Robert Peddicord, formerly Executive Vice President, Leasing and Operations at Arden Realty, assumes the role of Chief Operating Officer.

— Andres Gavinet, formerly First Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer, has been named Chief Financial Officer.

— Howard Stern and David Swartz remain Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer and Senior Vice President and General Counsel, respectively.

“We invest where there are excellent opportunities for growth, both in asset value and portfolio size. This transaction significantly expands our footprint in a market that we think is one of the strongest markets in the U.S.,” commented Joe Parsons, President, North American Equity at GE Real Estate. “We will continue to assess opportunities to acquire quality assets in Southern California, and look forward to Joaquin and Robert’s leadership to help us expand Arden’s presence in the Western region.”

“GE and Arden are a dynamic force in one of the country’s most robust markets,” added Peddicord. “GE’s solid financial backing and global resources combined with Arden’s local market expertise and outstanding performance record will greatly enhance Arden’s ability to grow in the Western region of the U.S.”

The portion purchased by Trizec Properties includes 13 properties comprising approximately 4 million square feet.

Tim Callahan, Trizec’s president and chief executive officer commented, “Through this transaction, we have acquired a large, high-quality portfolio that is well located in markets that we believe have strong economies, positive employment trends and growing rental rates.” Mr. Callahan added, “We’re pleased to have partnered with GE in the execution of this transaction.”

Merrill Lynch acted as the financial advisor to GE Real Estate, and King & Spalding LLP provided legal advice. Lehman Brothers Inc., Wachovia Securities, and Secured Capital LLC served as financial advisors to Arden in this transaction. Wachovia Securities and Houlihan Lokey Howard and Zukin also rendered fairness opinions to Arden’s Board of Directors. Latham & Watkins LLP and Venable LLP provided legal counsel to the Company. Hogan & Hartson LLP provided legal counsel to Trizec.

About GE Real Estate: GE Real Estate is a world leader in real estate capital. Formed in 1972, the business has more than billion in core assets with 34 offices located throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. GE Real Estate, backed by its parent company’s AAA rating, offers a broad range of financing, equity and servicing solutions including: intermediate and long-term mortgage financing, restructuring and acquisition capital, niche equity investment/joint ventures, capital markets securitization and placements, and assert management. As one of the fastest growing units within GE Commercial Finance, Real Estate has experienced annual growth of more than 10% for the last ten consecutive years.

GE Commercial Finance offers businesses an extensive array of financial services and products worldwide. With approximately 7 billion in assets and an expertise in the mid-market, GE Commercial Finance provides loans, operating leases, financing programs and innovative structured capital to help customers grow. GE Commercial Finance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) , a diversified services, technology and manufacturing company with operations worldwide.

About Arden Realty Inc.: Arden Realty, Inc. is one of the largest office landlords in Southern California. After the close of the transaction with GE Real Estate, Arden will have 14.8 million square feet comprised of 103 properties and 175 buildings from Ventura to San Diego counties. Arden is also a nationally recognized leader in energy conservation and efficiency. For three consecutive years the Environmental Protection Agency cited Arden as the “Commercial Real Estate Owner of the Year” for its innovative energy initiatives and for owning the most energy efficient buildings in a single portfolio in the nation.

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