Public Records Foreclosures – Advantages of Public Records

29 December, 2008

The advantages of public records are immensely wide. This is due to the information stored on the database covering almost every possible aspect such as births, deaths, residential phone numbers and addresses,  assessor and property tax records,  taxation, land and title deeds, law enforcement, hospitalization and medical/health care information, vital statistics, contractor licenses, business licenses, job agencies, employee directories, sex offenders, jail and inmate records, drivers licenses, bar associations, shopping directories, public parks, events and gatherings happening in the respective county/state and much more. When utilized the right way, the advantages of public records can be seemingly endless.

The followings will be able to clearly illustrate more on the advantages of public records. The various law enforcement departments from the many different counties of any given state are able to compile a list of most wanted fugitives/criminals and use it to plan on the respective strategies to locate and arrest them. The public can be educated and also be made aware of these persons to assist the law enforcement departments by providing useful information and tip-offs. This is an important aspect in security and welfare of the citizens.

 Another obvious advantage of public records is to locate long lost relatives or family members. The many different counties and states can refer to the public records to avail information such as last known address, last known job and other information pertaining to the missing persons that could be useful. By utilizing the public records, the possibilities can be narrowed down and the time taken to locate them shortened.

 Next, we will touch upon another advantage of public records which is more relevant in today’s situation which is employment. For the unemployed or for those newly graduated and new to the job-hunting experience, the public records can be a useful source when seeking for jobs. There are many job agencies listed under the public records and job-seekers are able to directly access them to apply for the respective jobs suited to their skill sets. For employers or potential future employers, the public records can be used as a background reference of the candidates. Information such as criminal records, bankruptcy, credit and foreclosure can be used to determine the suitability of the interviewees.

 The above few examples clearly illustrates the prominence and importance of the public records. The advantages of public records are seemingly endless when understood thoroughly its full potential. When utilized correctly, it can assist individuals to conserve time, energy and vital resources while safety and security can be increased.

Run your Online Public Records Search now to find records like birth and death, marriage and divorce records, courts records, county public records, phone number, address and more.

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Tax Lien Foreclosure Properties – Tax Lien Foreclosures – What is the Meaning and Important Features of Tax Foreclosures?

28 December, 2008

With thousand of foreclosed properties flooding the real estate market, most homebuyers and real estate investors are familiar with foreclosures. But apart from mortgage foreclosures tax lien foreclosures are less talked about but are also a great investment opportunity with some unique features.

What are tax lien foreclosures?

While most properties are foreclosed due to defaulted mortgage payments, tax lien foreclosures on the other hand are different and relate to nonpayment of property taxes. When a homeowner doesn’t pay his property taxes the government places tax lien on the property which gives it the authority to auction the house through the process known as tax lien foreclosures.

Tax foreclosures are sold at public auctions and anyone can buy the liens and earn good profits through the interests. When the homeowner finally comes forward and clears his tax dues the buyer of the tax lien foreclosures gets the investment amount as well as the interest accrued over the time period thereby making the whole venture highly profitable.

Important features of tax foreclosures

•    No eligibility criteria – There aren’t any eligibility or income limits for buying tax foreclosures and therefore anyone interested in making some profit in the real estate market can take the plunge.

•    Low investment – In contrast to most real estate investment which involve high investment costs, one can buy tax foreclosures at rates even lower than 00 which makes it a good opportunity for first time real estate investors.

•    Safe venture – As you are dealing directly with the government buying tax foreclosures is a very safe venture and there are no risks involved on defaulting as there are no property issues at hand unlike other real estate ventures.

•    High returns – Most homeowners take a considerable amount of time to pay their tax dues to the government once their property has been foreclosed which results in a high profit return for the person who has bought the tax foreclosures as he gets his investment as well as the accrued interest.

•    Direct purchasing – Tax lien foreclosures are sold at auctions directly to the highest bidder. All local county offices contain information on upcoming properties to be auctioned off as tax foreclosures along with the venue and the dates. Information can be also easily accessed through online foreclosure listings, and newspaper classifieds.

Melanie Hogeveen is an expert writer in the field of real estate especially foreclosures and has been doing research on foreclosures for the past several years. She is renowned for her advices and tips on buying foreclosures. For more details please visit Tax Lien Foreclosures.

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Visit for real estate investing tips on buying tax lien properties and tax foreclosure properties. In this video real estate coach Ben bought property at a government auction for K and sold it for over K in a down market. Learn proven strategies for buying investment properties at http tax lien properties tax sale properties tax foreclosures tax foreclosure properties
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Reo Real Estate – How to make money Buying Selling Real Estate that is REO (Real Estate Owned)

27 December, 2008

How to make money Buying Selling Real Estate that is REO (Real Estate Owned)

Buying property in a foreclosure auction – made popular by the media and tons of TV ads – is very challenging for a first time buyer. Property bought in foreclosure auction has several disadvantages,

Buyer must provide a cashier’s check for the full amount. In some states you have 30 days to pay – not a lot of time to find a lender and secure a loan.

You buy the property AS IS.

May have to evict the owner – NO the lender is not required to evict prior to the auction!

Buyer can NOT negotiate on rehab costs, interest, closing points and loan amount.

Lenders often set the initial bid too high in order to recover costs and loans.

You may end of paying too much in an auction due to aggressive bidding.

So REOs are property that went into foreclosure auction, did not find a buyer and is now back in the hands of the lender. Why purchase REOs?


Lender’s want a quick sale (these properties have generated NO income for 9-12 months as a result of the foreclosure process)

Possible savings of 20%-30% over market value

Good for 1st time homeowners and new investors

All Liens and back taxes are removed

Property is available free and clear of liens, ready for immediate possession

You can negotiate rehab costs, interest, closing costs

Smaller down payment and almost 100% risk free.

In the current market condition lenders have large department specializing in REOs. How do you access them, which websites (free access) specializes on REO.


To find out more and pick up tons of information on Foreclosure investing, how, where, when, private financiers you can work with in all 50 states go to,

ani banerjee

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West Vancouver Real Estate Agents – Tips for Finding the Vancouver Real Estate Agents

26 December, 2008

Have you ever thought of buying a property in Vancouver or finding Vancouver Real Estate Agents? Chances are that you have, but just not getting the right impetus. You might also have been looking for some real estate in Yaletown, the West End or other parts of the Lower Mainland.

It is pretty hard finding the right Real Estate Agents, and it holds true for West Vancouver real estate as well. There are options like searching the online Real Estate Agent directory for various property-finding sites. But, the better option is to look for those properties in specialized sites who also would provide tips for getting the dream homes fast and without much hassle.

A Vancouver Real Estate Agent generally has his service open at odd hours also, though there is a best time to contact. This is true for almost any of such agents you come across. The party in concern might be looking for homes to sell, townhouses, mansions, condos or the investment property market. So he should be specific in his search and go for the specialized service providers only.

The Vancouver area has a wide range of places like the Burnaby, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, City of North Vancouver, City of Langley, City of Richmond, Commercial Drive, City of Surrey, Maple Ridge District, North Shore, Port Coquitlam, Steveston and also in places of West Vancouver like Yaletown or West End. The housing styles and lifestyles are also different from place to place.

One of the vital points of concern is the pre-approved home mortgage loan. In fact it is said that amongst the many obstacles that one may face, one of the biggest one while closing a deal is proper bank financing. So the usual home seller would be more encouraged in dealing with a person who has already obtained a pre-approved home mortgage loan. This should be the first step to take for the buyer.

The next two steps are to have a specific plan to suit for in a house and to fix the amount you are willing to shell out. This helps you from spending more than you can actually afford. Some areas cost more and some less, so this is another step for you to pre-determine. Vancouver Real Estate Agents can enlighten you more about this issue.

Another step you would be better off taking is consulting the professional instead of looking for cheap rate. Giving time and money to the professional is worth it as it can help you manage within your desire and specified budget.

It would also help you if you can get in touch with the right agent who also would help you in finding the other home related services like Vancouver Real Estate lawyers, accountants, movers, renovators and similar home-related service people. Specialized sites give you more detailed information on West Vancouver Real Estate properties, and about the real estate agents.

Clayton is a freelance writer and is an employee of a leading Building Material Supply Company. For more information on finding West Vancouver Real Estate properties, he recommends you to visit

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Tax Foreclosure Properties For Sale – Tax Foreclosure Homes for Sale

25 December, 2008

Whether you are an investor looking to buy and flip the property, or you are a first-time buyer for a vacation home that suits your family’s vacation needs; with our detailed property listings and information on tax foreclosure homes for sale you can rest assured that you will find one of the best deals of the market at our website.
Tax foreclosure homes for sale, may seem like an investment only for people looking at second homes. However, you would be surprised at the bargain deals that you can find in areas like Los Angeles and Florida where families from all over the US look forward to spending their vacations

Why Tax Foreclosure Homes Are a Great Investment
Vacation homes might seem extravagant in these times of recession; however with a smart investment proposition tax foreclosure homes for sale, can be one of the best buys in today’s real estate market. When you’re done with your vacation, you can actually rent out the tax foreclosure homes for sale and contribute to your mortgage payments through the rental income.
Many homeowners ignore the payments due to the IRS, and as the tax liens on their mortgages amount to a substantial value the IRS is forced to repossess the properties and sell them off to mitigate their losses. In this case the government becomes the new owner of the property, and tries to dispose off tax foreclosure homes for sale as urgently as it can in order to ovoid spending thousands of dollars in maintaining these properties while waiting for a good bargain to come their way.

Plan Before You Buy
Before you consider purchasing tax foreclosure homes for sale, make sure you have figured out what budget you can afford. The market conditions may be favorable but if you do not make the payments you might end up having your home repossessed also. With the unbelievably low asking prices and a decline in property value of up to 40% from the previous value, you’re sure to find something that meets your budget requirements. For the first time in many years it is a buyers market and investing in real estate is a sure short way of securing return on equity.

Joseph Smith has been educating buyers on the finer points of tax foreclosed homes for sale at for over five years.

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Real Estate Mls – Orlando Real Estate MLS Services

24 December, 2008

Any licensed real estate agent is able to communicate the fascinating psychology involved in creating the asking price for a particular property. While documenting a listing agreement with the seller, an agent generally proposes a reasonable price for which the house would sell quickly. This price includes a number of factors like the sales price range of similar houses in the district, the condition and appeal of the concerned property, the present market conditions and the requirements of the seller to pay off basic finances.

In addition, there is a tendency of the seller to sell the property at a much higher price than it is actually worth. This is because the seller always feels that buyer might consider negotiating. Most sellers are afraid that if they sell their house in the market at the actual price, they will only get offers up to 90% or even less on the price. As a matter of fact, this is absolutely true. However, a good real estate agent will inform you that a property that sells for too high a price usually gets no offers.

What are Multiple Listing Services?

Multiple Listing Services or MLS are a directory listing properties that are on sale in a particular area. Buyers and real estate agents and even brokers can easily access these services. Multiple Listing Services originated in the 50s. These listing services are of great help to people who wish to sell, rent or buy properties, themselves. It has now become easily accessible over the Internet, since many buyers conduct research online.

How to go about searching through the Orlando real estate MLS services?

There is a prescribed method to be adopted while exploring the hundreds of listed properties in Orlando, to choose the ones worth considering. You should search the MLS lists for various signs, indicating that the seller is motivated. Look for captions like handymans special, sold as-is, must sell and sold to settle estate and so forth. Ignore those properties that are over-priced. Then, you should conduct research on the remaining properties, contact the parties and quote your best price, regardless of the asking price. However, if your offers are rejected, there is no need to get discouraged.

Once you strike a deal and make a good offer on a certain property, keep in touch with the listing agent. Many a times, the seller receives various offers in the same range as yours. But, if you keep contacting him regularly, there is a good chance that he will take up your offer.

Over the years, the real estate industry has witnessed an increase in the enquiries from buyers, for property in Orlando. Hence, if you are interested in some beautiful Orlando property, you can probably avail of more information about the MLS listings over the Internet, as well as from the database of the realtor. This information is very useful when you are trying to decide upon purchasing a particular property in Orlando. The information formatted in the listings is compiled with the intention of offering you a good start.

Real Estate Investments, are made easy when you use Real Net USA. We help you at every step along the way to ensure your Real Estate Investment is a success. Discover how by visiting

Article from Learn how to search the mls for homes for sale in the Charleston SC area. This is a tutorial showing how to use our search page to get real estate listings in the Charleston MLS.
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Toronto Home Prices – Toronto Home Prices

22 December, 2008

Toronto home prices have seen the same ups and downs as home prices throughout the nation over the past couple years.  While they saw a significant increase up until 2007, Toronto home prices fell throughout all of 2008, and much of 2009.  However, the summer months are proving to be winners as home prices have leveled out for the most part.  

As well, prices have not decreased as much as home prices in other parts of the country, most notably in the Western half of the country.  The average selling price for a home in Toronto is around 5,000 as of May 2009, but prices have been steadily rising throughout the year.  As well, the bulk of single-family homes sold in Toronto have been single-family detached properties, in the 0,000 to 0,000 dollar range.  

If you are selling, this is a good stat to keep in mind, as you are likely to sell your home quicker if you are in this price range.  If buying, this is important too, because it is unlikely that the home you find for much more that 0,000 will sell before dropping in price some.  

GTA home prices have remained relatively similar to what they were at this time last year.  Because of more sales, and fewer listings, the market has tighter conditions, which is helping to push the average selling price up.  

However, conditions in the resale market have improved readily, making this a good time to consider selling your home.  More people are starting to look, as they feel more and more confident about the status of the economy.  If buying, this is also a great time to be looking, because there are still great deals to be found, and people are willing to negotiate.

Log on or to know more!

Log on or to know more!

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Southern Foreclosures – Southern California Foreclosures

22 December, 2008

Southern California seems to be hit the hardest by this flood of foreclosures. Foreclosures seem to be dominating the housing sales in the market today. Investors, or people who have extra money to spend, are taking advantage of these greatly discounted homes.

Although you the buyers are saving money on the home, the seller may not be so fortunate. Its always tough to purchase a foreclosure because really you are benefiting from someone else’s misfortune. You want to be well aware of this if dealing with a home that is in pre-foreclosure, since you will be dealing directly with the seller during this transaction and a lot of times they are very emotional and distressed.

Southern California foreclosures have become very tempting for many individuals and investors. But just because the house is priced so low, doesn’t mean you are getting a bargain.

If you are looking to buy a foreclosure, you won’t have a hard time finding one today. I was recently pulling up property and I could not believe the amount of the listings on there were foreclosed homes. It seemed that there were no more traditional sales out there anymore. Are that many people really being forced to sell?

A lot of agents will probably advise you to seek professional help if you are in the market for a foreclosure. Just because the price is right, doesn’t mean you should buy it. You want to make sure the house doesn’t need a lot of work and in most foreclosure cases they do. Are you going to end up spending more money on repairs than on the actual home itself? As I see all of these homes being sold by the banks, I can’t help but wonder if we’re going to see improvements in the housing market anytime soon.

It amazes me that there are all of these First time buyer credits that are being offered, in an attempt to stimulate the economy, but what about all of these people who are losing their homes or who have already lost them. Shouldn’t there be something offered to help them save their homes? I mean, in some cases the lender may help you to make payment arrangements but most people aren’t even aware of that because the lenders fail to advise them on what their options are.

As long as Southern California continues to be flooded with all of these foreclosures, the prices will continue to drop on traditional sales as well. Not leaving any hope for the economy getting better anytime soon. The housing market has a huge impact on the economy in general, and without some relief in the foreclosure department we may be drowning in this foreclosure flood for quite some time, or unless the government can help these borrowers, in some way, to save their homes.

If you find that you are in a position where you cannot pay your mortgage, contact your lender today and see what options that can offer you that may help you save your home.

Yanni Raz is a mentor for many in the Real Estate Mortgage industry, Yanni Raz is been tutoring many homeowners in California and help some also to save their homes.

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Repossessed Property Auctions – Repossessed Property Auctions

21 December, 2008

The current economic crisis is hitting a lot of people in the UK hard. With increasing unemployment and the situation for the immediate future looking bleak, many people are being crippled financially.

With better times over recent years, many homeowners may have aimed slightly higher than their budgets would allow, with lenders providing 100% mortgages and excellent packages, buying property was never easier. Many did not consider the possibility of circumstances changing when they bought their home and agreed to higher monthly repayments in the good times. Changes in situations can mean financial difficulty can occur very quickly. For example, the sudden loss of job, a change in income, divorce, death, illness – these are all factors which can result in the amount you were earning becoming less. Changes in circumstances can ultimately lead to property repossession. Failure to keep up repayments can mean your lender going through the repossession process.

There is a well known saying, “One man’s loss is another man’s gain” and this can be applied to the procedure of property repossession. When a person’s home is repossessed, they will have the pain and suffering of losing their property following eviction. The property will typically be auctioned at a cheaper price, which is ultimately where the gain comes in for the new buyer. The new buyer will usually buy this property at a repossessed property auction.

Repossessed property auctions are becoming more and more common. They are being held regularly across the country as investors or potential buyers are taking advantage of bargain prices of property. Due to the fact that lenders will be looking to sell a property quickly in order to recover losses, the best place for them to sell is at a property auction. These ensure a house can be sold quickly as the entire process from bidding to exchange can be completed within a month. The other advantage for the sellers is that there are no refunds, so you cannot change your mind once the hammer is down.

The internet is a great place to find lists of auctions located by region. This means that you can find repossessed property auctions local to you. It’s worth contacting the auction to find out when the next auction is and try and obtain a list of the properties due to be auctioned. This means you can carry out full research so that you are prepared when arriving at auction. Be familiar with the bidding process and make sure you are aware of any fees involved.

Another good place to pick up repossession properties is by contacting your local estate agency. They often work in conjunction with auctioneers to put together auction events and sell local property – often repossessed houses. Maybe try getting to know a local estate agent in the area you are thinking of buying in. See if they can contact you once they come across any bargain properties before they go to market and therefore you can get in there first.

For further free information on property repossession, visit Repossessed Homes

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Realtor Search – Experienced Discount Realtor To Help You Sell

19 December, 2008

Discount Realtors’ demand has been growing with stats showing that 8 in every 10 home owners want to list in MLS with their help. Not only they have made people comfortable but also experience the best in selling their home. In the past when a home owner decided to sell his property, he had no choice but to be in contact with traditional broker. Things have changed with growing use of list in MLS with help of flat fee realtor. Home owners have learnt how much they benefit with hiring services of a discount realtor then that of traditional real estate realtor.

If you can go through some useful market research stats or even blogs posted on various sites, you will come to know how much money a discount realtor saves you. With their help you can list in MLS which provides the best exposure your property needs. Multiple Listing Service, popularly known as MLS has been gaining ever growing popularity between home owners. Properties that have list in MLS had an added advantage over other properties that are sold with placing advertisements in local newspapers. It is understandable that not every home one know how list in MLS works and to start with understand this by reading articles and blogs from experts in this market segment.

Once you decide to list in MLS get in touch with flat fee realtor who will help in all the necessary work required to list the property. Flat fee realtor as the name specifies are the one who charge small flat fees to list in MLS which can be as low as 9. Flat fee realtor will guide you all the way to do paper work, uploading images of the property and till the time the property is sold. Some of you might think you have to pay flat fee realtor the same sales commission you used to pay to traditional broker but this is not at all that. You only pay fees for list in MLS and the package you choose to list your property. Flat fee realtor will ask for details about your property that will help buyers’ agent to search the property with.

Since the time of economic slowdown there has been surge in demand of discount realtors’ services. Discount realtors have been the best friend in need for property owners who are looking to sell their home in quick time and save some money for their worst time. For ones who understand the real estate market very well would prefer using services of discount realtor who help to list in MLS and gain the best. But still you need to be in touch with well knowledgeable and experienced discount realtors who have been in business for some years. A good reference from one of your friend or relatives will ease your efforts to find a flat fee realtor. Search for flat fee realtor can also begin on internet where you can read their reviews from customers they have served all these years.

It is sure to believe that list in MLS is essential to sell your property in small period of time it needs to be sold. And this can be made possible with the help of discount realtor or flat fee realtor.

For info on how list in MLS works and what discount realtor or flat fee realtor can do for you visit,,

In the past when a home owner decided to sell his property, he had no choice but to be in contact with traditional broker. Things have changed with growing use of list in MLS with help of flat fee realtor. I Akon benson writing this article to discuss more regarding the advantages when you use services of discount realtor

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