Sale By Owner Canada – For Sale by Owner in Canada!

30 November, 2008

Since past few years Canada is enjoying a real appreciation in the market of real estate, for sale by owner homes and properties than in the United States. For Sale by Owner in Canada has turned out to be very lucrative business thus increasing the property rates. It is essential to get a real hold of for sale by owner commerce to effectively sell a property in Canada or buy a home in Canada.

It has always been advisable to avoid any third party/broker involvement while purchasing a home or selling a property. In a for sale by owner option, the owners can enjoy extensive exposure for their property through FSBO listings and multiple listing services (MLS) than publishing in local newspaper and hanging a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of the home. Many online multiple listing services (MLS) has came into practice to give the concept of for sale by owner a real facet; thus providing an interface between buyers and sellers, where sellers list their properties and the buyers can come directly within the reach of sellers removing all kind of intermediaries’ participation.

To make the best deal from for sale by owner properties in Canada one needs to be a prudent negotiator possessing a keen insight into important marketing, selling, and technical information on for sale by owner principals and practices. There can be various local economic issues that play an effective role in for sale by owner commerce for e.g. home mortgage interest rates etc. Such economic issues are beyond control of any ordinary local citizen and thus to evade the negative influences of such concerns, one should dominate in for sale by owner industry with stipulated marketing goals and objectives with set time frames.

You may wish to contact us for more info on for sale by owner properties in Canada, especially in the areas of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon.

This article has been provided by Mridu Sinha. For further information on for sale by owner in Canada, please contact ‘Canada by Owner’ directly on 1-800-BYWONER or visit at http://www.CanadaByOwner.Com

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Beutiful 5 Acre Horse farm with Cherry Orchard for sale by owner. With Lake view. Call Heidi Weisskopff Tel:250-494-4335 Summerland, BC.
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Short Sale Mitigation – The 3 Biggest Misconceptions That Real Estate Agents Have About Short Sale Listings

26 November, 2008

First of all, “yes” some short sales take long to sell and “yes” some short sale listings can be frustrating.  But let me tell you this; not all are created equal! With a little patience and a little creativity you can overcome some of the shortcomings of listing pre-foreclosure/short sale properties and make a lot of money by helping homeowners get out from underneath the huge burden of debt and stress they are under.

Let’s deconstruct three of the biggest short sale myths:

Reduced commissions
They take too long
Too hard to close

1.  Reduced Commissions

Yes, it’s true when it comes to a short sale; the lender is in the driver’s seat.  And since they hate to lose money they tend to reduce the amount of commissions by an average of 1%, meaning that if your area pays out 6%, they will only approve 5%, which will be split by both the agents involved in the transaction.

You know what I say to that?  Who cares! Be creative! Did you know that there are 7 additional profit centers that can offset your 1% cut in commission?  Let’s take a look at what they are:

A “Loss Mitigation Fee” via the Lender
A “Loss Mitigation Fee” via the Buyer
A “Loss Mitigation Fee” via the Attorney or Title Company.
A “Loss Mitigation Fee” via the Seller
Referral fee from a listing agent (for doing the loss mitigation work on their short sale).
Buy it as an investment (buy and hold or buy and flip).
Any combination of all of the above!!

The “Loss Mitigation Fee” is a fee that we collect only when we successfully negotiate a short sale and have the foreclosing lender pay for all of the closing costs (the realtor commissions, attorney/title company fees, conveyance taxes, etc.).

2. It Takes Too Long

The average loss mitigator receives an average of 30 NEW files a day.  Not a week, not a month but a DAY!  That is part of the reason that short sales can take a while, but it isn’t the main reason.  The primary reason is because the majority of real estate agents submit short sale packages that are less than adequate and professional!  Meaning;

They are incomplete in terms of paperwork (entire documents are missing)
They are arranged poorly (Yes, that makes a difference!)
They are sent to the wrong person or department (happens very often)
They are incomplete in terms of information (i.e. the financial worksheet isn’t completely filled in)

Those and many more reasons cause short sales to get hung up.  Once again, take what the defense gives you.  If loss mitigators are overwhelmed, then the key is to put together a professional and presentable short sale package guaranteed to get your short sale offer reviewed and approved.

3.  They Are Too Hard to Close

With the right system they are not hard!  Let’s take a look at how to overcome the two biggest reasons why short sales blow up right before the closing.

Not managing expectations
This is a negotiating process.  Make sure you clearly communicate the process every step of the way to the buyer and the seller. We use an online short sale management tool called to automatically keep everyone connected to the short sale process, which is updated in real time.
Many deals blow up because real estate agents fail to communicate to both the homeowner and the buyer the current status of the short sale and what to expect when they negotiate with the foreclosing lender(s).
Lack of qualified buyers

The key is not to have only one buyer but to have a pool of qualified buyers that are pre-approved.  The best buyers to keep an eye out for are those that are already pre-approved and that have funds in place to make an actual purchase.

The two easiest ways to do that are:
Start networking with every real estate agent that specializes in buyer’s representation. They are easy to find because it is in all of their advertisements.
Start working closely with every single mortgage broker or direct lender that you know, or that one of your fellow agents knows.

In conclusion, listing pre-foreclosure/short sale properties can take some time to close. However; in this market everyone needs to stick together and help one another out. By building the right network of real estate professionals, we can all ensure that our listings (short sales or not) do not sit out there without a buyer!

For more real estate industry news and loss mitigation blogs and videos visit or visit for any short sale bank negotiating questions.

Before joining North Shore Enterprises (NSE) in 2004, Bob Lachance was a 4-year-collegiate-scholarship athlete in ice hockey at Boston University where he won a National Championship in 1995. After leaving BU he enjoyed a successful 8 year career as a professional hockey player. Upon retirement from hockey, Bob completed several profitable real estate rehab projects for his own benefit. He then joined NSE as an associate responsible for property acquisitions and loss mitigation/lender negotiations. Bob brought the same determination and work ethic that lead to great success in his professional sports career and thus generated more acquisitions and short sale acceptance letters in a shorter time frame than any associate before or since. His outstanding performance led to a promotion to partner in 2005. Since that time, Bob has taken responsibility for all the day to day operations of NSE. As partner, he has overseen the acquisition of, the loss mitigation, and the disposition of over four hundred properties. Bob continues to be directly responsible for identifying good candidates for acquisition and for overseeing bank negotiations, and has been essential to the success and growth of NSE.

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Rural Alberta Real Estate – Calgary Real Estate Listings

25 November, 2008

Are you interested in Calgary real estate listings? Do you want to discover NW Calgary homes for sale? If your answer to either of these two questions is affirmative, then you should definitely keep on reading. This article is intended at the informed buyer, providing all the information that is necessary when it comes to professional real estate services that have to do with Calgary, Alberta. By reading what we have to say about searching for Calgary real estate listings online, you will be able to take an informed decision, one that is based on actual facts and not just hear-say information.

Whether you are interested in finding a condo, a townhouse or a duplex, it is practically impossible not to find something that you like with the aid of Calgary real estate listings. You can search for any area that is convenient to you, including the rural areas, discovering NW Calgary homes for sale. For each property that is present on the market, you will find a wealth of information, regarding the area surrounding the home, the amenities offered and plenty of photos so you can form yourself an opinion. There is no better place to search for the best property than the Internet and you have only to gain by selecting a professional company that can help you make such purchases, offering you the chance to browse Calgary real estate listings.

If you want, you can perform a quick search and finding NW Calgary homes for sale in no time. First, you will have to introduce the desired community, followed by the type of property (residential, condos, townhomes, duplex or rural, as the case may be), the maximum and minimum price and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This way, you will be able to find a property that fits your requirements perfectly, including when it comes to amenities offered, the price and the area where it’s located. And best of all, you can look at Calgary real estate listings while sitting comfortably at home, in front of your computer, with very little effort.

Searching for a home can be quite a difficult task, particularly if you are new at this. There are many houses on the market and it can be hard to determine which one is the right for you. This is why more and more people prefer the Internet and its specialized resources in order to look at Calgary real estate listings, letting those that are experienced to do all the hard work for them. You can easily find NW Calgary homes for sale in the rural area that you like so much or if you want to, there are plenty of downtown condos or family residences that you can purchase for a genuinely affordable price. In the end, it all depends on the kind of property you are interested in and how much you’re willing to pay for it.

Don’t wait for too long and go online as soon as possible to look at Calgary real estate listings. You will discover that there are numerous opportunities out there, whether you are interested in NW Calgary homes for sale or not. The truth is that these properties are presented in detail so each and every customer gets a chance to see what the real estate market has to offer. Sometimes, the competition between buyers might become fierce and this is the reason why you should jump on a great opportunity when you see it.

If you are interested in Calgary real estate listings, then you have come to the right place. We are more than proud to help you find the home you want and at a great price. Just take a look at the NW Calgary homes for sale and you will understand what we are talking about.

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Features List ? 1675 Square Foot custom built bungalow Master Bedroom on the main floor and 2 bedrooms down Lift system in garage for 2 extra vehicles (4 cars total) Grand entrance with front patio 16 foot ceiling height Main floor office High energy efficient furnace, hot water tank, central a/c Private walk-out Solar heating via deck overhangs Designed so maximum sun comes in to home in winter and minimum in summer No window wells 9 foot ceilings in basement Steam shower Private toilet in master bathroom Main floor laundry and downstairs laundry room Granite countertops in kitchen, master bathroom and bar downstairs Bubble jet tub 3 gas fireplaces (2 with remote controls) Electronic air cleaner Inclusions: 2 fridges, stove, dishwasher, garbourator, microwave, hood fan, central a/c, 2 garage openers and 2 controls, 52? LCD TV Sanyo, hot tub, movie projection system and surround sound stereo, bar stools Just walk out your back door with your dog and go for a great walk/stroll or hike Just above Paradise Canyon Golf Course No building to go behind your home?have a view forever! Plexiglass material on West Side of back deck for shelter from the elements Barbeque year round with no snow or window or sun issues Double sump pump for extra protection There are no blinds on the back windows due to the fact you don?t need them, just enjoy the view all the time Built in China cabinet (Lighted) Monster pantry Lighting on all ledges for ambience and festive occasions Huge kitchen
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Senior Housing Calgary – Don’t Put All Your Financial Eggs In One Basket

24 November, 2008

Businesses see Calgary Climbing out of Recession

It may not feel like the heady days of 2007, but Calgary is set to take back its spot as the nation’s leader in economic growth.

That’s according to a Conference Board of Canada report Wednesday which predicts that, after being battered and beaten in 2009, Calgary’s economy will be the country’s growth leader from 2011 to 2014.

Ron Quigley, founder and president of Gunnar Manufacturing Inc. in Calgary, said he didn’t need an economic report to tell him the city had turned the corner after 2009’s recession.

“I see very positive things as we move forward,” he said. “This year has been dramatically better than, say, last year. . . . I think with the rebalancing of the royalties in Alberta, that’s helped an awful lot.”

Natural resources remain an ace up the province’s sleeve, Quigley said.

“Let’s face it, we’ve been blessed in this province with energy and agriculture and tourism, mining — just about everything.”

The conference board said Calgary suffered last year, with the effects of the global financial crisis resulting in real gross domestic product declining 4.5 per cent.

The board said Calgary’s economy will rebound this year with 3.5 per cent growth, then average 4.2 per cent growth each year from 2011 to 2014.

“For this year, like a lot of other cities in the country, Calgary had a great start to the year. A great ending to 2009, a great start to 2010,” said Greg Sutherland, senior economist with the board.

“However, we are seeing some slowdown recently,” Sutherland said. “Housing has kind of slowed a bit. Retail activity has slowed a bit. The second half of the year is looking more moderate than the first half.”

Sutherland said demographics play a big role in the GDP calculation. For Calgary, population growth is forecast for 2.5 per cent this year.

“And population growth has always been strong in Calgary, so that really boosts the potential GDP. In Calgary, if you look at its history, at least recent history, it’s always had a larger average GDP growth than most other cities,” he said.

In 2011, economic output in Calgary is expected to grow by 3.8 per cent. The city’s GDP is then expected to rise 4.4 per cent in 2012, 4.3 per cent in 2013 and 4.2 per cent in 2014.

The conference board said the city’s recovery is being fuelled by rebounds in manufacturing, construction and retail trade, along with continued growth in health care, education and public administration.

It said housing starts shot out of the gate in 2010 and are projected to rise by 45.7 per cent this year.

David Hooge, president and general manager of Stepper Custom Homes Inc. and Calgary region president of the Canadian Home Builders Association, said he agrees Calgary will be one of several cities to experience growth in housing starts.

“As we move into fall, we expect to move past the vacuum created by bringing sales forward in late spring because of mortgage qualifying rules changing and concern of interest rate increases,” he said. “And with a renewed strength in energy-related activity as a result of improvements to the province’s royalty regime, we expect the rebound in oil and gas drilling to continue.”

For the province as a whole, the board forecast GDP growth of 3.6 per cent this year, 3.5 per cent in 2011, 4.5 per cent in 2012, 3.9 per cent in 2013, and 3.3 per cent in 2014.

Nationally, Canadian GDP growth was forecast for 3.6 per cent this year, 2.9 per cent in 2011, 3.2 per cent in 2012, 3.1 per cent in 2013 and 2.6 per cent in 2014.

The board said the recession may be over in Alberta, but the road to recovery has been slow.

Oil-related investment will result in incremental production growth, boosting output in the mining and manufacturing industries. Also, the construction sector has shown promising signs this year.

Todd Hirsch, senior economist with ATB Financial in Calgary, said Alberta’s economic growth is moving in the right direction.

“There is definitely a rebound, but it’s important because we’re coming off a really, really weak year. In fact, 2008 and 2009 were contracting years in Alberta and in Calgary,” he said. “So to have 3.5 per cent this year or 2011 sounds good, but it’s only getting us back to the level of growth we saw in 2007.”

“It’s still going to feel a little subpar even with growth rates of 3.5 and four per cent. And until we’ve had those growth rates for a few years, then it might start to feel like things are actually ahead of where we were pre-recession.”

How the province is faring economically will be further examined today, as Calgary Economic Development and TD Bank Financial Group hold their annual economic outlook event in the city featuring Craig Alexander, senior vice-president and chief economist for TD, and Mario Lefebvre, director of the Centre for Municipal Studies at the Conference Board of Canada.

Shawn Shewchuk, B.Sc., MBA, ACIArb, AIBC is a Consultant, Speaker and Conflict Resolution Specialist, but some of his clients refer to him as a problem solver, teacher and mentor. His consulting firm, S. Shewchuk & Associates Ltd., attracts clients that include companies of all sizes in a large cross section of industries and professions. Mr. Shewchuk has a great deal of experience in business in many varied capacities and has served on the board of directors of two not for profit organizations and has been called upon to assist within the public sector. Additionally he has held the position of Chief Financial Officer for a not for profit association. Shawn Shewchuk is passionate, motivated and dedicated to the SUCCESS of his clients.

His speaking and workshop schedule typically includes numerous presentations on a variety of topics depending on the requirements of the client. He is frequently called upon by clients to facilitate training within a team environment on specific topics and is considered expert in executive education. Mr. Shewchuk has been designated an Associate Member (AIBC) of the Institute of Business Consultants, an Associate Member (ACIArb) of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London). Mr. Shewchuk holds the following degrees, Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) Criminology and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a distinction in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution.

Shawn Shewchuk is known as The SUCCESS Consultant and as the testimonials prove, he is SUCCESSful in achieving the desired results.

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Kelowna housing prices have spiraled to ridiculous levels in the last few years, wages have not kept up with this and many young people have left for greener pastures. Kelowna is mostly retirement community , people come on vacation and buy a home to retire in. Whats wrong with that picture? Retirement is not an industry, so who are Kelowna’s major employers. The City of Kelowna hands out fat paychecks to it’s senior employees, some 140 get more than 000 a year, KGH the regional hospital is a major employer, school board and University continue to grow with good paying jobs…. The trend is that it is public servant jobs. Private enterprise like Western Star who were unionized left a long time ago along with the good paying jobs. I feel that 2011 will be pivotal in Kelowna as housing values decline an a municipal government struggles with debt. This is from CTV. Canada’s housing market could still be in for a US style correction, despite a slow down in home sales across the country. The warning comes from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, which released a report that analyzed the factors that cause a bubble. A real estate bubble is an artificial increase in property values which maxes out a homeowners ability to pay. When the bubble bursts, and values drop, owners are stuck with mortgages worth more than their homes. The CCPA found that prices in six of the country’s largest housing markets, including Calgary, have hit 30-year highs and are in bubble

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